CommitteeManager - the board and committee management system

CommitteeManager Professional provides decision useful information and functionality at your fingertips, anywhere!

If you are a member of a board, committee or project team, you know that keeping up to date on your obligations can be a lot of hard work - paperwork that has not been filed correctly, emails that were not actioned, and meetings cancelled at the last minute. Just finding a date everyone can make a meeting can take days of back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

With CommitteeManager, schedule a meeting, allow members to RSVP on dates (and even suggest their own alternatives), and track items all the way through from the agenda, to the minutes, votes on that resolution, to making sure the relevant action item was completed when it was promised. Collaborate and discuss the agenda and minutes before they are published, and send messages everyone can see, without needing to hunt through your emails.

Permission driven functionality means Secretaries/Managers remain in control.

Best of all, use our board paper annotation tool to easily mark-up documents with notes, highlight text or use the free hand drawing tool – never need to print those papers again (but of course you can if you want to, with your annotations)

CommitteeManager Professional is a feature rich, customisable application designed for secretary/managers to get the most from their committees - both in time and value to the organisation.


Customisations are available for individual organisations or even peer groups that want an industry wide sollution. This can include items such as specific obligation management tracking and collaboration portals.

CommitteeManager can also be customised to the way your organisation is used to working and communicating.

See all your action items across all your committees, instantly
A combined calendar shows all your events and due items
Propose meetings, gather comments, and involve everyone
Easily collaborate to prepare the agenda
Upload any kind of files to share with the committee
RSVPs are collected, making it easy to select the most convenient time
Instantly see the status of each of your committees
Committee member directory lets you easily contact anyone you need

Everything your need at your fingertips

CommitteeManager helps you execute your obligations quickly and efficiently by making sure everything you need is at your fingertips, whether you are on your computer or mobile.

Access all your minutes, resolutions and documents for your committees in one place, rather than needing to search across Outlook, Word, Excel and PDF documents. If users sit on multiple committees they are able to switch effortlessly between them and also view consolidated calendars and action lists.

Annotate board/meeting papers live in the system, print or take your laptop or ipad to the meeting. No need to print papers ever again.

Reminders help ensure obligations are met

Automated Secretariat and Administrative functions means we let you know what is coming due, so you will never miss an important deadline again!

Your committee and board obligations will be tracked automatically, and you will receive automatic reminders on due dates such as actions, voting on resolutions, and meeting deadlines such as agenda and minute sign off.

Simple to use

Simple and intuitive, CommitteeManager works as you would expect it to in the old paper world.

There is no software to load, and CommitteeManager is ready to go on almost any device with an internet connection - including mobile devices and tablets.

Because we manage our secure servers for you, it requires no internal IT support.

For larger companies with an existing IT team, the application can be loaded within your own server if required.

Good organisational governance

Take your organisation to the next level with best practice committee and board management.

CommitteeManager is a cost effective way to achieve good governance and organisational effectiveness across your board and committee obligations.

Your filing cabinet, available everywhere

CommitteeManager is a dedicated filing system for your entire organisation. Store your meeting history, such as minutes and resolutions, plus share and annotate any other files you upload like PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, archives, and just about anything else.

Your obligations under your Constitution or Association Rules become automated. You could even add your auditor to the system with read-only access.

Available whenever you need it

With redundancy, high uptime and best practice server management, CommitteeManager will be there when you need it, from almost anywhere.

We use the same security protocols as your bank to keep your information safe, and keep your information backed up in case disaster strikes.

Combined with a rich role-based permission system, you can be sure that only the people who should be able to see your information can.