CommitteeManager - the board and committee management system

CommitteeManager is an online application that can revolutionise the management of your board, committee and project team obligations

CommitteeManager Professional

Reduce meeting paperwork, track action items, and stay on top of all your obligations.

Our enterprise-grade hosted solution means your IT team won't even need to lift a finger. Our Professional version can also be deployed on your local server and can be customised to your liking.

CommitteeManager Professional is feature rich, including document annotation and a Strategy module for KPI management, business planning and more.

CommitteeManager Community

Getting organised empowers community groups to grow their membership and achieve amazing things.

Stop wasting time with paperwork & disjointed meetings and spend your energy on really making a difference to your community.

CommitteeManager Community is a fit for purpose "only what you need" cost effective solution.

Why use CommitteeManager

  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Higher quality engagement of members
  • Move from administration to "value add"
  • Best practice compliance and security

Where is CommitteeManager used

  • Any company with a Board and/or subcommittees
  • Micro, small, medium, large and major organisations - something to suit all
  • Large organisations wanting customisation
  • Small organisation wanting a simple, "off the shelf" product
  • Organisations wanting to include strategic governance management into their board/committee

Who uses CommitteeManager

  • Internal and external committees
  • Boards
  • Project Teams
  • Inter-organisational collaboration or joint venture teams


Simply sign up online, you can pay via credit card or alternatively we can invoice you and you will be up and running immediately.

Or, send us an email to discuss optimisations or local server deployment.